In my program, I use The Creative Curriculum for Family Child Care. Its philosophy is that children should be allowed to grow at their own pace

and to learn in ways that help them become confident in themselves and capable as learners.
  • To help children learn about themselves and the world around them: and
  • To encourage children to feel good about themselves and capable as learners.
I have organized my home to make it a safe place for children to explore and to learn. I keep the children’s toys and materials on low shelves, in low easy-to-open draws. This makes it easy for the children to find and play with the toys they like. It helps them learn how to make choices and be independent. All children also have a place to keep their jackets, blankets, and pictures to bring home.

When you visit, you will notice that I have a schedule that we follow. This lets the children know what comes when. It helps them feel secure when they know that every day I will read to them before naptime or that after snack we go outside. The schedule also allows for the times when we all do things together, such as music and story time, and times when the children are doing things on their own, such as coloring and playing with toys.

I plan many activities for the children. We build with blocks, dress up and make-believe, put puzzles together, read books, tell stories, play with sand and water, draw and paint, cook, dance to music and play outdoors. All the activities are aimed at helping the children learn new things and feel good about what they can do. I encourage the children to do things on their own and to be curious and interested in all that’s going on around them. I talk with them, ask questions and answer their question to help them learn new words and to express their ideas and feelings.

I value working in a partnership with parents. Many of the things we do here are activities that you can do at home. I’d be glad to share my curriculum with you and to have you contribute to my program in any ways that you like. To help you feel a part of what I do, I will be sending you occasional letters on the different activities we are doing and why we do them. You are welcome to join us whenever your schedule permits.

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